Tournament Rules

League Rules

  • Each team will play three matches in the mode given for the week on their mandatory night.
    • The Home team gets to pick the map played
    • Map picks by the home team must be submitted one week previous to the match date.
    • Artillery (Air Support) are banned in galactic assault mode.
    • The bounty Hunter boost card in all modes.
  • The score of each team are tallied against their opponent for the week to determine the winner. Highest scoring team wins.
  • All matches for the night are scored seperately as Game 1, Game 2, and Game 3.
    • Screenshots of the matches scoreboard at the end of the game are required to be submitted by each FL the night of their mandatory.
    • A failutre to submit a screenshot that night will result in a forfeit for that game.
  • In the event where the number of players in one team does not equal the number of players in their opponets, the top scores equaling the same number of players in both teams will be scored.
  • Scores for the week will be entered on Monday.

Conference Rules

  • Teams will compete in a round robin tournament and have the chance to play every team in their conference.
  • Total wins and losses will dtermine the tournament standings.
    • In the event of a tie, Total scores from 2 Heroes vs Villains matches will determine placement.

Championship Rules

  • Once the standings from the conference matches are complete, the scores will be reset and the equal placing teams will play a series of matches to dtermine a champion and final placement in the conference.
    • In the event of a tie, Total scores from 2 Heroes vs Villains matches will determine the winner.

Fire Cup Rules

  • Once a conference champion and placements have been finalized, the corresponding teams in their placements will go head to head against the same placement team from the opposing conference.
    • Only total scores will be caculated to determine the winner.
    • Final Placement will proceed in order and cannot supersede their Fire Cup entry placement regardless of score (i.e: 5th placement scores higher than 2nd placement, resulting in winning 5th placement).